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The Davines SU product family is a complete program to protect your hair and skin before and after the sun. Enjoy your time in the sun, carefree- these soothing, moisturizing and nourishing products are true miracles for skin and hair.
A combination of active ingredients that maintain biodervisity + deliver high biodegradability = A sun protection line that not only helps you, but the ocean too!
Protected citrus from slow food
SU is formulated with citrus myrtifolia extract, directly from Mr. Parodi's farm in Savona, Italy.
Antioxidant with vitamin C
Also known as "Chinotto", this proprietary citrus extract contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, such as vitamin C, which protects hair and skin cells from free radicals during sunbathing.

Hair mask that restores moisture to hair damaged by sun, chlorine and salt. Restores softness and luminosity to even the driest and dullest hair and has an antioxidant effect.
Treatment with a beauty effect.
For supple, manageable and shiny hair.

Treatment for use during and after exposure to the sun. 
Apply to towel-dried hair after shampooing. Leave on for 5-15 minutes, then comb through and rinse thoroughly. Dry the hair.